Live Percussionist

DJ Gaetano & Percussionist Michael Romeo have been rocking events together across the tri-state area for over 10 years. DJ Gaetano’s high energy style and presentation in combination with Romeo’s all out freestyle technique will have the dance floor rocking from beginning to end.

Having done countless weddings, high schools, colleges and night life events, DJ Gaetano & Michael Romeo work closely to create a high energy connection between the music and the dance floor. Unlike most drummers who play only one style, Romeo holds no allegiance to any particular genre of music and has a subtle sense of knowing where a song is about to go which gives you the sense that his drums are a part of the song.

Romeo’s weapons of choice consist of a variety of percussion instruments from Djembes, Bongos, Congas, timbales, roto-toms, cowbells, blocks and cymbals, etc. and is complimented by a Roland Handsonic electronic drum. Uplights, LED’s and wireless mics are used to complete the look.

Michael Romeo is DJ Gaetano’s #1 choice for adding live percussion for any event big or small.