Photo Booths


Photo booths are a fantastic event novelty that are great for Weddings, Mitzvahs, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Anniversaries, and more. 

Our Open-Air Photo booths can easily accommodate groups of 10-12 people or more, in a space smaller than most typical booths. We use only the very best professional software, DSLR cameras & dye-sub printers in our booths. You’ll be able to create a custom film strip design, choosing from the many available templates for your day- names/ date etc. on the strip. You will also receive a digital copy of all images in both strip format and individual images at the end of your event. 


  1. FUN ATTENDANT – while most photo booths say they supply an attendant, most of them supply an attendant for the BOOTH, not for the GUESTS. Our attendants are about making the experience FUN, helping with poses, props and ideas!
  2. PROPS – Sure, everyone brings props, but since most photo booth operators are not entertainers, they often just bring a couple of hats and a stick mustache or two. We carefully choose high quality props that are extremely popular and allow the guests to exude the kind of PHOTOTUDE that makes your booth a huge hit!
  3. PLACEMENT – Because we are entertainers first, we understand the importance of where the Photo Booth is set-up. Most photo booth companies will tell you it doesn’t matter where they set-up, they can set up anywhere, and that might be true, if all you care about is taking photos. But if you care about the overall success of the event, then careful placement of the booth is critical to its success.
  4. FLEXIBILITY – It’s the best of both worlds – even though it is open, it can also be enclosed. For guests that want a more intimate, private photo booth we can make that happen with beautiful pipe and drape.
  5. APPROPRIATE FUN – Because it’s Open, you are far less likely to get inappropriate photos from guests who may later be embarrassed by those shots.

NEW Roaming Photo Booth!

Our roaming booth can capture and share your photos in real time with social networks, text and email. It’s not a “booth”, it’s an interactive experience with virtual props, gifs and boomerang effects.

Custom Film Strip Design Examples